Ladies Breathe Slightly Less Painful Sigh of Relief.

January 1, 1900

     The Republic’s health-officers are reporting an overall seven percent fewer deaths by corset this year, a statistic that will no doubt gladden the hearts of those dutiful ladies who unselfishly risk sacrifice upon the altar of Beauty every day so that they may appear comely and supple to their husbands and suitors.

   This reduction in corset-related fatalities is credited to the growing popularity of Dr. Ezra Scheidt’s Safety and Wellness Corset for the Improvement and Uplifting of the Pleasing Female Form. The supporting under-garment received a patent last year for its unique styling and construction.  With this corset, the waist is bound to only seventeen inches, but it still dramatically enhances the figure and beautifies its wearer, giving her an alluring pouter-pigeon appearance which will assuredly turn the heads of gentle-men.  Margaret Wettingham, a Boston resident, has witnessed the passing of three sisters and an Aunt to corset-related atrophy.  ” Dr. Scheidt’s corset could save my life, I wear it every day.” Miss Wettingham then paused and labored for a breath, lest she perish.

    Corset deaths are now the fourth leading caused of death to ladies. Yellow-fever, dropsy, and child-bearing stand foremost.  Some doctors have assailed the new corset, calling for its ban from the market-place “Surgically removing the waist altogether is the only medically advised fashion of achieving ideal beauty in ladies,” said Dr. Menning Hildebrandt.

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